Machine Learning / Deep Learning

Webcam Eye Tracker

An end-to-end deep-learning method to predict real-time eye gaze locations. Unlike commercial eye trackers that rely on infrared, this method uses only a regular webcam.

Skills: Python, PyTorch, computer vision

Game Review Aggregation

ETL pipeline to collect game reviews (web scraping, APIs), and transform / store them for analysis. Fed into a machine learning pipeline for clustering and aspect-based sentiment analysis.

Skills: Python, Docker, Kafka, natural language processing

Data Analysis and Statistics

Smartphone Gait Measurement

Developed novel smartphone-based method to measure outdoor gait kinematics. Used multilevel modelling to analyze multidimensional sensor and image data.

Skills: Python, SQL, R, Java, signal processing

Loot Box Reward Distribution

Used statistics and hypothesis testing to answer a common question in the gaming community: do different methods of opening loot boxes lead to a different distribution of rewards?

Skills: Python, statistics, probability

HoloLens: Learning in Mixed Reality

Designed experiments, collected data, and performed statistics to understand how users learn brain anatomy and move around in mixed reality environments.

Skills: Python, R, HoloLens, sensor / event logging

Dual Eye Tracking

Developed technique to perform live eye tracking on 2 subjects simultaneously. Analysis consisted of various auto-correlation and cross-correlation methods.

Skills: Python, correlational analysis, eye tracking

Data Visualization

RoK Commander Pairings

Created force-directed graphs to illustrate ideal pairings of Rise of Kingdoms game characters. The visualization provides insight into how to optimize team composition.

Skills: JavaScript, D3.js, visualization

Overwatch Performance

Analyzed and visualized trends in personal Overwatch skill rating over time. Breakdowns by game mode and map type help to identify factors that affect performance.

Skills: Python, matplotlib, Pandas, regression

Applications and Tools

Cognitive Battery

Developed a modular data collection platform to gather experiment data for various Cognitive Science computer tasks. This application was created to save time during my PhD research.

Skills: Python, data collection


Developed open-source Python package to aid the analysis of sensor-based motion data. Includes algorithms for peak detection and extraction of various gait metrics.

Skills: Python, NumPy, signal processing

RoK Talents

Developed a web application that allows Rise of Kingdoms players to design and customize character talent builds. Builds can also be linked and shared with other players.

Skills: JavaScript, ReactJS, HTML, CSS

Colour Blind Simulator

Internal research tool for simulating colour blindness in video games. Real-time simulation allows for quick identification of accessibility issues in games research.

Skills: C#, OpenCV, image processing