PhD graduate from the University of British Columbia (Cognitive Science and Quantitative Methods). When I’m not doing research I enjoy keeping up with trends in modern data science and learning about new statistical methods or new deep learning techniques. I can also be found playing the guitar, doing visual effects, and tinkering with Raspberry Pis!

Academic Interests

Cognition & Motion

I'm interested in the bidirectional relationship between cognition and motion. For example, how does motion (e.g. walking, exercise) affect cognitive function? How does a change in cognitive state (e.g. increased cognitive load) affect how we move?


Measuring physical activity is challenging. How reliable and valid are self-report measures of physical activity? To what degree to do subjective questionnaires under (or over) estimate physical activity levels in young adults?


Traditional methods of gait assessment and physical activity measurement have issues. Can smartphones be used as a cheap, reliable alternative for measuring gait and physical activity in natural, outdoor environments?

Personal Interests

Data Science

I'm interested in using a data-driven approach to generating hypotheses and answering questions. This includes training predictive machine learning models, utilizing traditional statistical techniques, creating data visualizations, and designing dashboards for interactive data exploration.

User Experience Research

What features improve the user experience of a product, and how can we determine the degree of improvement? To address these questions, I turn to techniques from experimental design and A/B testing to determine the lift and impact of a particular feature.


Whether I'm developing an analysis library in Python, creating Android apps for data collection, or creating Bokeh dashboards for quick data visualization, programming has been a huge time-saver across a number of different academic and personal projects.