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We all know it’s difficult to play around with talents in Rise of Kingdoms (RoK) because of the gem cost for talent resets. So, I spent the last little while working on an online Rise of Kingdoms talent builder where you can create, tweak, and share talent builds without worrying about talent resets.

Here is the link to the Rise of Kingdoms talent builder: roktalents.com

Note: The site is currently best viewed on PC or laptop. Functionality is limited on mobile/tablet and more work needs to be done to optimize the experience for mobile devices.

Rise of Kingdoms Talent Builder

Check your stats

One feature offered by the talent builder, that isn’t available in-game, is the ability to check the stats (e.g. attack, health) offered by your talent build. This is useful for comparing different builds for a commander.

Share your talent builds

The most important part of this site is that talent builds are shareable with a link. So, no need to share those low resolution screenshots anymore when someone asks for your talent build!

Here are a few example builds to get you started…

Embed builds

If you run a blog or website, you can embed a view-only version of any talent build into your site. The talents can’t be changed, but tooltips still show, and you can still pan/zoom around the window (on PC/laptop). You can find the embed code in the Share window. Here is an example of an embedded talent build:

Talent Builder Usage

  1. Choose your commander in the top-right dropdown menu
  2. Click talent nodes to bring up the tooltip. Click + and - to add/remove talents points
    1. If Speed mode is enabled in the Settings, you can left or right click directly on the nodes to assign talent points
    2. Note: Speed mode disables tooltips
  3. Check the stats of your build in the info panels
  4. Copy the URL, or click the Share button, to get a link that you can share with other players

Support Rise of Kingdoms Talent Builder

If you want to support the project, you can buy me a coffee here.

Donations will go towards domain registration costs, future development, and general maintenance.

Please spread the word if you find the tool useful! Share your talent builds on social media (e.g. Reddit, Facebook, Discord) and direct people to the site.

You can find my other Rise of Kingdoms posts here.

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1 year ago

güzel paylaşım teşekkür ederim .Bizlere şu lazım ” savaş hesaplayıcı ” bedava oynuyorum komutanların birbirine göre gücünü görmek istiyorum bu bana avantaj kazandırır bir bedava oyun oynayan kişi olarak . yapma imkanınız varsa çok sevinirim . şimdiden başarılı günler dilerim.

Reply to  Simon
1 year ago

bu hesap makinesini sevmiyorum .örnek olarak canyonda sun tzu-euji mi yoksa sun tzu – osman mı iyi kıyaslama yapamıyorum hangisini devreye sokacağım çözemiyorum. kombinasyon yapamıyorum . mesela açık savaş yapacağım charles -richard —> ? burada tıkanıyorum .hangisini devreye sokacağım okçu diyeceksin ama ben alternatif saldırı düşünmek istiyorum

Mr Cepouille
Mr Cepouille
1 year ago

Hi! First of all i want to thank you for your posts, very usefull and interesting way to optimize the gameplay. I was wondering if someone thinking like me and did these kind of research too. Do you have a discord (or in game) or somewhere to talk about these kind of “gameplay optimisations”? I did something like a wheel of fortune simulator, to compare commanders wheels and generics wheels, the differents values, etc, wanted to show you and talk about that if possible 🙂 Hope you will see my msg, and sorry for my english (typical french guy here… Read more »