Rise of Kingdoms: Talent Builder

We all know it’s difficult to play around with talents in Rise of Kingdoms (RoK) because of the gem cost for talent resets. So, I spent the last little while working on an online Rise of Kingdoms talent builder where you can create, tweak, and share talent builds without worrying about talent resets. Here is … Read moreRise of Kingdoms: Talent Builder

Rise of Kingdoms: Equipment Calculator

I have a long history of playing RPG games, where min-maxing and character planning were a huge part of the appeal. With the recent release of the equipment system in Rise of Kingdoms, I figured it might be useful to create an equipment calculator/planner. The goal was to create a system where you could mix … Read moreRise of Kingdoms: Equipment Calculator

Rise of Kingdoms: Saving gold keys

Here it is. The answer to the age-old question. The question that shows up at least once a day on Reddit and Discord: “should I save my gold keys and open them all at once?”. The assumption being that opening gold keys together in a batch gives more/better rewards than opening them one at a … Read moreRise of Kingdoms: Saving gold keys

Rise of Kingdoms: Show Your Love Event

In a previous post I discussed the point requirements of the last holiday event (Valentine’s Day – Pledge of Thorns). Here, I will do the same analysis with the new holiday event (Show Your Love) to confirm those findings. I’ll be drawing comparisons between the two events throughout. The supporting code and data for this … Read moreRise of Kingdoms: Show Your Love Event

Rise of Kingdoms: Master’s Blueprints

In order to unlock Tier 5 research in Rise of Kingdoms you need a level 25 Academy. However, the upgrade to Academy level 25 has a number of nested building requirements, with the majority of those buildings needing a Master’s Blueprint. So, what is the minimum number of Master’s Blueprints required to unlock Tier 5 … Read moreRise of Kingdoms: Master’s Blueprints

Rise of Kingdoms: Holiday Events

Rise of Kingdoms holiday events come around every few months. The last one involved collecting ornaments for the Christmas tree, and the current Valentine’s Day event requires collection of roses. Using a rose gives you points, and you need a certain number of points to complete the event. We know how many points are needed … Read moreRise of Kingdoms: Holiday Events

Rise of Kingdoms: Commander Pairings

Rise of Kingdoms (iOS, Android) has many possible primary/secondary commander pairings, some of which are amazing, while others are absolutely terrible. Tier lists for commander pairings have been discussed by many people on YouTube, but I wanted to find a way to condense the information in those lengthy videos into a more digestible form. The … Read moreRise of Kingdoms: Commander Pairings

Overwatch Data Visualization

In a previous post I talked about an Overwatch dataset I’ve been collecting from my ranked games. Before running any statistical analysis on the Overwatch data, it is usually a good idea to explore and visualize the dataset. This helps us get a general sense of data patterns, which can help generate hypotheses that can … Read moreOverwatch Data Visualization