Rise of Kingdoms: Equipment Calculator

I have a long history of playing RPG games, where min-maxing and character planning were a huge part of the appeal. With the recent release of the equipment system in Rise of Kingdoms, I figured it might be useful to create an equipment calculator/planner.

The goal was to create a system where you could mix and match equipment, with the total stat values displayed on the side. This would hopefully make it easier to fine tune your overall set to fit your play style.

I threw together a rough version using Google Sheets. A standalone web app would probably be overkill for something this simple. You can access the calculator here: Rise of Kingdoms Equipment Calculator

Just make a copy of the sheet and you’re good to go! Using it is pretty straightforward. Simply select your items in the yellow boxes, then see the stats and item breakdowns in the other boxes.

Recommended Equipment Builds

EDIT (9/10/2019): These builds are now slightly out of date after the most recent game update

Below are some recommended builds for the different troop types. You’ll notice that I included a best in slot set for each, as well as a cheaper set that is more value oriented. Additionally, cavalry has two possible builds, one focused on attack and the other focused more on march speed.

The builds are fairly subjective. I tried to keep a sane balance between the stats, but I maximized offensive stats for cavalry and archers, and defensive stats for infantry. Feel free to use these builds as a template and adapt them to your own play style.

 Infantry Equipment Builds
Infantry Builds
 Cavalry Equipment Builds
Cavalry Builds
 Archer Equipment Builds
Archer Builds
Cavalry Equipment Builds (march speed focused)
Cavalry Builds (march speed focused)

If you’re interested, you can find my other Rise of Kingdoms posts here.

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