Rise of Kingdoms: Master’s Blueprints

In order to unlock Tier 5 research in Rise of Kingdoms you need a level 25 Academy. However, the upgrade to Academy level 25 has a number of nested building requirements, with the majority of those buildings needing a Master’s Blueprint. So, what is the minimum number of Master’s Blueprints required to unlock Tier 5 research?

Here are the building requirements for a level 25 Academy and unlocking Tier 5:

  • City hall
  • Academy
    • Trading post
      • Goldmine
      • Scout camp (no blueprint)
    • Watchtower (no blueprint)
      • Wall
        • Tavern
          • Quarry
      • Storehouse
        • Hospital
          • Castle (no blueprint)
            • Alliance center
            • Siege workshop
              • Barracks
                • Farm
              • Archery range
                • Lumber Mill
              • Stable
                • (requires a Quarry but is already listed above)

At minimum, you will need 16 Master’s Blueprints, which will cost 32,000 gems.

A few notes about Master’s Blueprints

  • All of the buildings above need to be upgraded to level 25. However, in the case of the Hospital and resource production buildings, you only need 1 of each type at max level
  • Yes, you need both the Castle and Watchtower upgraded to level 25
  • While 16 is the minimum number of required blueprints, you will probably (eventually) want to upgrade all hospitals and resource production buildings to level 25 for their bonuses. This will bring the total up to 31 blueprints
  • Once you reach City Hall 25 you will receive 1 Master’s Blueprint as a reward
  • Three of the buildings (Scout camp, Castle, and the Watchtower) do not need blueprints
  • In order to actually begin Tier 5 research, you need to complete the entire Economic research tree, as well as the entire Military tree up to the Tier 5 unit you want to research
  • Given the high gem cost of these blueprints, I recommended that you wait for the More Than Gems event before purchasing to maximize the value you get from your gems

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